WandaVision Episode 7 Recap: What is Truly Happening Inside of Westview?

WandaVision Episode 7 just aired this week, giving us way more questions than it did answers.  We now know who the main villain of the story is, but that’s about it?  The majority of the speculation and rumors that some viewers researched were true for the most part, but we still don’t know what is going on inside of Westview.  

The show takes inspiration from plenty of sit-com styles ranging from the Full House series to the Andy Griffith show.  This week, we got to see a rendition of the Modern Family series with each of the cast members being interviewed during the episode’s progression, subtly shoving around hints on what the episode could be leaning towards for the climax of the series.  The chapter is kind of mediocre for certain viewers who have dedicated themselves to the series. Nonetheless, the episode still has that quirky yet unsettling charm that has stayed consistent with the rest of the show.  Throughout the episode, the Westview plot-line splits up into 3 different stories, all of which will align together in the next episode.  For each of them, I will go into full detail about why they all have a form of importance to the overall story of not only the WandaVision series, but the entire MCU as a whole.

First, we have the Wanda plot-line, in which Wanda is taking a “stay-cation” as she lays around all day and does nothing productive for her own mental well-being.  Her day for herself is quickly ruined as her own reality is crumbling around her, switching between different time-periods where the earlier sit-coms were held.  She tries to keep it together but the longer she lets it last, the longer the dread she must endure.  

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Monica Rambeau and Agent Woo both are tied to the second plot line as Monica finally meets with the long awaited Aerospace Engineer she has been hinting at for the course of the series: some S.W.O.R.D agent.  Many people speculated that it could be Mr. Fantastic or some long awaited character that could shape how the entire series could move forward, but instead we got some extra from the show.  A rumor is floating around that this character is actually Talos’ daughter, who made her first appearance in Captain Marvel.  Sadly, there hasn’t been any confirmation on the theory.  Further into the narrative, Monica uses the vehicular fortress to try to infiltrate the Hex; this attempt to enter the Hex goes very poorly.  The vehicle collapses in on itself as Monica struggles to get out.  After successfully escaping the hex’s range, Monica uses her own willpower and strength to force herself into the Hex, which leads to her gaining certain mutant abilities that reveals her comic counterpart: Spectrum.  She infiltrates the Hex and searches across Westview for Wanda while being accompanied with her own powers.  She finds Wanda where we finally get one of the only super-heroine fights in the show, ending with Agnes defusing the fight and taking Wanda away from Monica’s own persuasion.  Wanda is welcomed into Agnes’ household where we get one of the most predictable yet insane twists of the series: Agnes— who is now revealed as Agatha Harkness— has been controlling Westview all along.

 Agatha Harkness first appeared in Fantastic Four #94, where she was portrayed as a powerful Witch who escaped the Salem Witch trials and later taught Wanda how to control her own powers.  Agatha has been portrayed as a sinister heroine throughout comic-media.  She is being introduced as the villain of the series at the end of the current episode.  The ending of the show gives us a montage of what Agatha has done to control the situation of Westview, cleverly titled, “It was Agatha all Along.”

The second plot-line that we see is that of Vision and Darcy’s little road trip to get back to Wanda, in which Darcy explains all of the events that brought Vision to where he was from his origins of Age of Ultron to his death in Infinity War.  Darcy, at the end of Episode 6, got sucked into the Hex and now works as an escape artist for a travelling circus.  Luckily, Vision gets a hold of Darcy and untangles her mind so she can think freely outside of control.  Darcy and Vision take a truck across the outer reaches of the town where Vision seems perplexed as to his certain whereabouts.  Darcy explains to him why he is in such a peculiar situation and how he came to be throughout the MCU.  Vision leaves Darcy as Agatha tries to postpone their drive to the Maximoff household, forcing Vision to find some other way to search the town for Wanda.  This plot-line will most likely connect with the others in the next episode, but as of now, we have no clue as to how Vision is going to save Wanda from the clutches of Ms. Harkness.

There was a mid-credits scene, if you missed it, where Monica explores a local neighborhood near Wanda’s.  She notices a basement filled with branches that glow purple—a sign of Agatha’s powers. As she becomes aware of the basement’s strange looks, Pietro, in casual apparel,  subdues Monica using the same magic that Agatha used at the end of the episode.  This begs the question, is this really Quicksilver or a wannabe who is under the reign of Agatha?  If that is the case, many fans would be very underwhelmed by the way the show handles Quicksilver’s character.

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Although we have been given several answers to some of the show’s most obscure questions, we still don’t have the full story of how Wanda got into such a situation.  Many of the viewers were underwhelmed by how the ideas of the show were executed. Even if some of the reasons are minuscule, many fans expect the highest of quality in a show such as this one.  It is still a great episode, no doubt, giving plenty of viewers a heightened sense of hype for the series’ later outings, but it did not have that unpredictability that the other episodes displayed so furiously.  

WandaVision is a massive hit. To be able to get the audience intrigued into such a complex and bizarre plot is incredible for cinema as a whole. WandaVision starring Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany airs new episodes weekly on the amazing streaming service: Disney+.


These images were used from WandaVision (2021) created by Marvel Studios

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